About Us

Our current bodies of work are inspired by the things that bring us joy; travel, nature, cosmic interconnections, and exploring the relationship between the inner and the outer.

We collaboratively build each piece as a journey that begins with a conversation.

Our mixed media work starts with the subject and basic outline for a piece, we each take on tasks for laying in and painting the background and creating the characters that inhabit the space.

We use paper and acrylic paint on a wood panel with colored pencil and ink on paper, charts and maps.

Our mixed media works can be seen at art festivals around the country. Reproductions of mixed media works and originals are available in the online shop.


Our work is born from a collaboration that is always evolving in its details. We thrive on the development of work through a constant exchange of ideas and the perpetually growing vision of our joint body of work.

Our collaboration began while attending the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque where we were both completing BFAs in Studio Arts. We have shown our work in galleries, museum exhibitions, art festivals, craft shows and exhibitions in print. We currently live in New Mexico and have been collaborating for over 25 years.

Selected Awards

Award of Merit - Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival - 2023 (fine art)
Award of Distinction - Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival - 2022 (fine art)
Invitational Award - Madison Art Fair on the Square - 2021 (fine art)
WDCC Award of Merit - Morning Glory Art Fair - 2019 (fine art)
Best in Show - Madison Art Fair on the Square - 2018 (jewelry)
Award of Excellence - Piedmont Craftsmen - 2016 (jewelry)
Featured Artist - Madison Art Fair on the Square - 2016 (jewelry)
Award of Excellence – Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council – 2015 (jewelry)
Invitational Award – Madison Art Fair on the Square – 2014 (jewelry)
Regional Artist Project Grant - Cabarrus County NC - 2011-2012 (jewelry)
Second Place Jewelry - Sausalito Art Festival - 2010 (jewelry)
Jewelry Third Place - Scottsdale Arts Festival - 2009 (jewelry)
Best of Jewelry - Des Moines Arts Festival - 2006 (jewelry)
Award of Excellence - American Craft Council - St. Paul - 2006 (jewelry)
Best of Open Category - Brookside Art Annual - 2006 (jewelry)
2nd Place - St. Louis Artfair - 2005 (jewelry)
Award of Excellence - Piedmont Craftsmen - 2005 (jewelry)


Selected Publications


Masters: Polymer Clay – 2010
– Curated by Rachel Carren, PhD, Published by Lark Books
1,000 Rings, Inspiring Adornments for the Hand – 2004
– Edited by Marthe Le Van, Published by Lark Books
400 Polymer Clay Designs, A Collection of Dynamic and Colorful Contemporary Work
– 2004 – Edited by Suzanne J. Tourtillott, Published by Lark Books